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Old Ivy tree in snow

Our last snowfall got me in my truck and out the door with camera gear before sunrise. I’m never quite sure where I’m going but something inside me instinctively knows the way. I found myself driving aimlessly thru Charlottesville and before I knew it I was on Old Ivy Road headed towards one of my favorite trees. I tend to photograph the same things over and over. I arrived moments before the sun made it’s debut on the horizon. Snow is wonderful to photograph because of it’s reflective qualities and it’s ability (in the right) circumstances to even out the overall exposure. I placed my camera on a tripod and took a series of images as the sunlight progressed across the tree. This is not an amazing photograph but certainly a moment worth remembering.

The photo was taken with a Canon Mark IV, 16-35 F2.8 lens, Really Right Stuff tripod using ISO100, aperture F8 and a shutter of 1/5th.

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