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Reflective runner

I work for the newspaper and sometimes have to get creative on a slow news day. Thankfully those days and few and far between. Heavy rains the previous night can lead to some pretty interesting photograph in the morning. I’ve photographed this particular reflection a few times and wondered how I could make it interesting for the paper. The best reflection shots require a large puddle and the camera to be placed at water level. I started taking a few test shots to check the exposure and out of nowhere a man dressed in full work attire leaped over the back corner of the puddle. It’s startled me causing me to loose my balance and dip the bottom of my camera into water. Opps. By the time I regained my composure the reflective runner was out of site. This is the image that ran on the front page the following day.

I used a Canon Mark IV, 16-35 F2.8 lens with ISO 250, Aperture F5.6 and Shutter 1/400

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